Callie Bundy On Juicing

By Ryan Bologna

Our founder, Paul Bremer, had the chance to sit down with Callie Bundy to talk all things diet and fitness. One of the most interesting topics they hit on was juicing, and no we are not talking about steroids. Callie said that juicing gives her the right kind of energy to attach the day. What does juicing provide that gives her that boost? Let’s find out.

To start off, let’s clarify that Callie is talking about fresh juice, not the usual apple juice that you find in the grocery store. That kind is full of preservatives and sugar and will not give you what you want. Fresh juice is best because it has enzymes, which Callie mentions as a big reason that she feels that energy boost from fresh juice.

Enzymes are said to provide great health benefits. They are protein molecules that are meant to either break down or rejoin substances. Essentially, without enzymes there is no life. They are essential for digestion and production of energy. Knowing what enzymes do and how fresh fruits provide them, it’s easy to understand why Callie gets that boost of energy from juicing.

Juicing is said to improve live expectancy, relieve high blood pressure, help prevent heart diseases and even depression. If you have acid or alkaline imbalances, fresh juice might assist you in that area as well. To bring it all together, enzymes form fresh fruits can be of immediate use for the human body.

So what is the best way to get fresh juice? You can look up places near you online, but the best way is to do it from home. Not only is it likely more healthy for you, it is much more cost-efficient in the long run. It gives you something to commit to. If you have tried fresh juice, and you enjoy and feel the benefits that are described above, you can’t go wrong with making your own juice at home.

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