Chris Havlicek Weighs in on 2023 NCAA Tournament Selections

By Chris Havlicek

I got a big issue — the NCAA tournament selection process. Clemson did not make the NCAA Tournament cut this season. It’s a mistake. Clemson is better than half of the teams that are in the tournament, and that’s a big statement. I’m talking about the little schools that made it.

I’m all for small conferences getting their shots on the big stage. I’m all for Cinderella stories, but not at the expense of a bonafide program that came in third in the ACC Conference Tournament this year. To give you some stats around it, NC State made the tournament. Clemson played NC State three times this year and beat them all three times by a total of 65 points. You don’t see that, do you? Who do you think is better?

University of Vermont or Clemson? I can tell you right now, Clemson will have guys that play in the NBA, a bunch of guys in NBA camps, and a bunch of guys that play in Europe. NCAA, if you want the best field — the best 64 teams to play — you need to address the conference tournaments. Some of these conferences don’t deserve automatic bids. I love the concept, but I hate the practice when a school like Clemson gets left out.

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