Chris Havlicek’s Top NBA MVP Picks

By Chris Havlicek

Hey guys, it’s Chris from Only Players. This is another addition of The Fast and the Curious. Lost in the sports landscape right now is the NBA MVP race. They call it “The Michael Jordan Trophy.” There’s a lot going on right now in sports — We’ve got the World Baseball Classic, we’ve got March Madness, we’ve got Spring Training, we’ve got the Aaron Rodgers debacle that’s dominating every sports show. But let’s talk about the NBA MVP race for just a minute. It deserves it.

I think it’s a historic race. At the beginning of the year, five players were really vying for the “Michael Jordan Trophy”. I think it’s down to three now. You’ve got Giannis Antetokounmpo with the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s at +260. Terrific player, probably the best player in the world. Can he get there? I’m not sure. My two front runners, you’ve got Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers, Embiid is +150 to win it. He’s had an unbelievable season, scoring at will. The knock on him is that he could get hurt on the court… or in the shower at any minute. And then my favorite to win his third MVP in a row would be Nikola Jokić. Jokić has played awesome. Denver is a terrific team. I think voter fatigue will play a role and some people won’t vote for him, but I think he ends up winning this year’s NBA MVP.

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