Expert Pick Tracker: NBA Edition FEB. 28

By Nick Savage & Jake Lazarus

Welcome to the Expert Pick Tracker by Only Players! The Expert Pick Tracker wants to provide sports gambling enthusiasts with accurate, up-to-date information to help sports bettors make informed decisions about their wagers. We provide bettors with the tools necessary to succeed, with easy-to-understand expert picks, data and analysis of various sports.

The Expert Pick Tracker experts have been vetted by Only Players staff and have positive and public records of picks. Through data tracking methods, we have found that adopting a wisdom of the crowd mentality fits sports gambling trends quite well.

Expert 2023 Record (Starting Feb. 23) WSH @ ATLMIL @ BKNCHI @ TORLAL @ MEMDEN @ HOUSAC @ OKCIND @ DALSA @ UTAPOR @ GS MIN @ LAC
CBS Sports18-13WSH +7BKN +6.5CHI +4.5MEM -9DEN -10.5OKC +2.5DAL -8UTA -9.5GS -4MIN +6.5
Tonyspicks15-16ATL -6.5BKN +5.5TOR -5MEM -8.5HOU +10SAC -2.5DAL -7.5UTA -9POR +4LAC -6.5
Yahoo Sports15-16ATL -7.5MIL -6.5CHI +4.5LAL +9.5DEN -10.5SAC -2.5DAL -8.5UTA -9.5GS -4.5LAC -6.5
Sports Chat Place18-13WSH +6MIL -5CHI +5MEM -8.5DEN -10SAC -2.5IND +7.5UTA -8.5GS -3.5LAC -5.5
Thunder3 (PickWatch)16-15ATL -6.5MIL -6.5CHI +4.5LAL +9DEN -9.5SAC -2.5IND +7.5UTA -9GS -3.5LAC -6
Midfield15-16ATL -6MIL -5CHI +5.5MEM -8DEN -10SAC -2.5DAL -7UTA -9GS -4LAC -6
Ibc56 (PickWatch)18-13WSH +6MIL -5TOR -4.5MEM -6DEN -9.5SAC -2.5IND +7UTA -9GS -3.5LAC -6
Oddstrader14-17WSH +6BKN +6.5CHI +5LAL +9DEN -10.5OKC +2.5IND +7UTA -10POR +4MIN +6.5
Oddsshark13-18ATL -7BKN +6.5TOR -5LAL +9DEN -10.5OKC +2.5DAL -8SA +10POR +4LAC -6.5
Wunderdog14-17WSH +7BKN +6.5CHI +5LAL +9DEN -10.5OKC +2.5IND +8UTA -10POR +4MIN +6.5
Peter Puck (PickWatch)15-16WSH +6.5MIL -4.5TOR -4LAL +8.5DEN -9.5OKC +3IND +7UTA -9GS -3.5LAC -6
Action Network13-18ATL -7MIL -6.5CHI +5LAL +8.5DEN -10.5SAC -2.5DAL -8UTA -9GS -4.5LAC -6.5
Covers15-16ATL -6.5MIL -6.5TOR -4.5MEM -9DEN -10.5SAC -2.5DAL -8UTA -9.5GS -4LAC -6.5
APanther13-18ATL -6.5BKN +5CHI +4.5MEM -8.5DEN -10SAC -2.5DAL -7 UTA -9GS -4.5MIN +6
USA Today12-18WSH +6.5MIL -5.5CHI +4.5LAL +8.5DEN -10OKC +2.5DAL -8UTA -9GS -4MIN +6.5
Doc’s Picks8-23ATL -6.5BKN +6.5CHI +4.5LAL +9HOU +10OKC +2.5IND +7.5UTA -9POR +4MIN +6

Today seems like a great Tuesday to gamble on some NBA action. Here is a quick run-through of the top five picks from our daily Expert Pick tracker:

The Wizards will face off against the Hawks tonight in what is expected to be an exciting game. Out of our panel of 16 experts, eight have placed their bets on the Hawks with a -6.5 spread

The Bulls are set to play the Raptors tonight in what is expected to be a highly competitive game. Our panel of 16 experts has predicted that the Bulls will come out on top, with 11 of them favoring the Bulls with a +4.5 spread. The Bulls are coming off a win against the Wizards and will be looking to continue their momentum tonight against the Raptors.

The Nuggets will be playing the Rockets tonight, with the Nuggets heavily favored to win with a -10.5 spread according to 14 out of 16 experts. The Nuggets are coming off a win against the Clippers and will be looking to build on that momentum in tonight’s game. With a strong team performance and individual star power, the Nuggets will be aiming to secure a convincing victory over the Rockets.

The Pacers are taking on the Mavericks tonight in what is sure to be a thrilling game. Out of our 16 experts, 9 have predicted that the Mavericks will win with a -9 spread. As two talented teams face off, fans can expect an exciting and competitive game on the court.

Tonight’s game featured the Timberwolves facing off against the Clippers. Out of our 16 experts, 10 of them have predicted a win for the Clippers with a -6.5 spread, making them the heavy favorites.

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