No Shortages Of Madness This March On Coffee Breath With Chris

By Chris Havlicek

Day four of the madness continues! I don’t care if you’re tired, groggy, nauseous, or injured. You have to suck it up because it’s March Madness. It got me wondering what non-sports fans are doing today and I thought about exercising for a minute, but then I took another bite of my sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and decided to study my brackets!

The big story is that two No. 1 seeds are gone and we are left with Houston and Alabama, the only two remaining No. 1’s. Houston is interesting because the Final Four is in Houston and it’s playing very well despite some injury issues. Alabama appears to have put its off-court distractions to the side and is playing excellent basketball.

My top game of the day is going to be the battle of the acronyms — FDU vs. FAU. FAU is somehow favored by 15 points, which is a monster spread. I would take a hard look at that game if I were you.

Another great day of basketball is ahead. Have a good one and remember to get your pets spayed or neutered, not your bracket. 

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