Sneak PeEk: Chris Havlicek And Jessica Brescia LIV Tour Podcast

“Once people start betting a little bit more on LIV [Golf], you’ll have more viewership.” Hot take from Chris Havlicek? Maybe. Maybe not. However, Jessica Brescia seems to think LIV Golf will have many other obstacles to conquer to gain popularity and momentum. 

LIV Golf is the newest sporting league and it has already drawn controversy as it’s Saudia Arabia-funded however that hasn’t stopped elite athletes from joining. LIV Golf offers 48-player fields, 54 holes, and a $25 million prize fund, but because of its funding, players who join LIV Golf will be banned from playing on PGA and European tours.

This past weekend, LIV Golf just hosted the seventh tournament of its inaugural season in Saudia Arabia — this is a first for LIV as its previous events were in London, Oregon, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, and Bangkok, as reported by ESPN, but it was far from successful.

Havlicek and Brescia discuss the numbers LIV Golf recently pulled and how low viewership is compared to other leagues. The duo also discusses how to remedy LIV’s situation, including TV and streaming service deals to player acquisitions.

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