The Madness Continues With Coffee Breath With Chris

By Chris Havlicek

Welcome to another episode of “Coffee Breath with Chris”. I got my coffee, I’m tired as hell, but I love the madness.

March Madness. It started on March 16 and Virginia immediately killed my March Madness Buzz as an alumnus. It was disappointing to see The Cavaliers go down that way, and it continued with Princeton and Arizona. Head over to Expert Pick Tracker. We’re going to have some hot tips going into today’s game.

I want to talk about upsets a little bit more. You’re gonna see more and more of them. I think if you compare the next 10 years versus the past 10 years, we’re gonna see upsets happen much more frequently. It’s the best time of the year. Get your coffee. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the madness. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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