Can Patrick Mahomes Catch Tom Brady?

By Emilee White Editorial Director

Updated 2/10/23 10:09pm ET

In his fifth season with the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes has led his team to three Super Bowl appearances in four years, with now TWO Super Bowl victories. 

While that may seem like bad odds, Mahomes is only 27 years old. When Tom Brady was 27 years old, he had three Super Bowl wins with the New England Patriots, but Mahomes and the Chiefs’ win at Super Bowl LVII put him one win behind Brady at that age. So, is there a chance Mahomes can catch Tom Brady, who currently holds seven Super Bowl wins, which is the most in NFL history? 

Mahomes may not have as much experience as Brady — or other veteran quarterbacks in the league — but he has managed to get his team to the Super Bowl many times during the short duration he’s been with the Chiefs so far. With only six more Super Bowl appearances and eight victories to go to catch one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Mahomes knows it’s going to be challenging, but as long as he’s still playing on the field, anything is possible.

“I think any athlete wants to be the best at their position ever. And I want to be, but I understand how hard it’s gonna be,” Mahomes said in an interview with Nick Wright. “I know that Tom being in 10 Super Bowls and winning seven of them is something that seems impossible. So all I can do is take it day by day and get better and better and try to do whatever I can to have great guys around me like I do now and win football games. But at the end of the day, it’s a team sport. It takes a team, and I just [want to] to keep those guys around me as long as possible and keep Coach [Andy] Reid coaching for as long as possible as well.”

Will Mahomes remain on the “Brady” path or will he suffer a fate like other great quarterbacks in the league? Only time will tell.

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