How To Bet On The NFL Draft

By Trevor Roughan

NFL prospects aren’t the only ones who will cash in on April 27. The NFL Draft is rich with opportunity in the world of sports betting, and we at Only Players want to help you end Day 1 as a winner. Just like the athletes, bettors too have to put in early work and preparation in advance of the Draft.

It’s important to note: NFL Draft prop betting had not been established in Nevada until 2017. The concept’s novelty has led to early growing pains for regulators. Because of Twitter, expert insiders, and other internet resources, the public is nearly as informed as those generating the odds. Surely this knowledge gap will widen over time, but for now, the NFL Draft is open season for sports betting.  

To give yourself a realistic chance of significantly beating the house, you have to become an expert on a limited grouping of prop bets. If you spread yourself too thin and bet on everything, you’ll lose the aforementioned advantage that NFL Draft betting newness grants you. For example, dedicating all of your research time to quarterbacks will be far more fruitful than becoming familiar with every position class. This way, you can give yourself your best chance of locking up a multitude of bets like “How many QBs will be selected in the first round” and “Which QB will be taken first.”  

When you’re fully prepared and ready to make a bet, make sure that you check every Sportsbook for the most favorable odds. Rampant line movement is very common ahead of the NFL Draft, as pertinent, odds-shifting information can come to light at any moment. When Ian Rapoport reports about a new favorite to go No. 1, you have an opportunity to bet on this player to do just that before Vegas reacts.  

Once you’ve found a book that you like, don’t be afraid to bet big. Of course, never gamble money that you can’t afford to lose. With that being said, sportsbooks and odds-makers are still adjusting to the new world of NFL Draft prop betting and are more likely than ever to make a mistake and give the public better odds than they should. If you feel very confident regarding one of your draft bets, don’t be gun-shy due to the landscape’s uniqueness. Go for it!

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Do you plan on betting on the 2023 NFL Draft? What bets are you considering? Let us know below!

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