NFL Preseason Betting Guide

By Ryan Bologna

The NFL preseason will be in full-swing next week. Some think it’s crazy to bet on games that feature so many backups, but there is value to be had when you look in the right places. Here are some of the best strategies for betting on the NFL preseason.

Stay In The Loop

Given the nature of the preseason, it is important to follow each team closely. Listen to press conferences and follow beat reporters for the game you plan on betting on. Coaches are usually very honest with how long the starters will play in each game. Teams with a lot of veterans and coaches who have been around a long time are more likely to rest starters.

Know The New Coaches

New coaches are likely coming in with younger players and looking to start off on the right foot with ownership. Players are likely learning a brand-new scheme as well. That means starters could play for longer, giving them an advantage against the opponent’s second and third-string players.

Look For Good Backup Quarterbacks

Everyone knows that backup quarterbacks get the bulk of the playing time during the preseason, especially in the first two weeks. That makes knowledge of quarterback depth charts vital for betting on preseason football. Teams with younger starting quarterbacks often have experienced backups. For example, the New York Giants signed Tyrod Taylor. He will likely provide better play than most backup quarterbacks during the preseason.

Look For Teams With Position Battles

Teams with a lot of position battles will likely take games more seriously. As opposed to teams that have most of their players already locked into their roles, who care more about keeping their starters fresh for week one. Teams that have starting spots up for grabs will have more players worried about performing well. Those teams are more likely to win in the preseason.

Wait Until Just Before Kickoff

This ties into the first point, but it is more important than ever to wait to see the list of inactive players. Is one team rolling out their starters while the other is going with third-stringers the whole night? This happens a lot nowadays, and the bet is obvious in that case.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Moreau

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