Sports Betting 101: What Is The Favorite/Underdog? 🎥

Sports betting is complicated and it can be intimidating as a new bettor. We’re here to help.

The “favorite” refers to the team that is expected to win. The “underdog” refers to the team that is not expected to win. So, in the Super Bowl, Team A was favored by 4 points over Team B. That means, if a bettor wagered on Team A, they would not only have to win the game, but also had to win by at least 5 points. If a bettor wagered on Team B, then they could lose by 3 or fewer points — or win the game outright. If Team A won by exactly 4 points, then all bets would have been refunded, which is called a push.

I remember my first bet, too. Now, it’s time to play.

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