Sports Betting 101: What Are Parlays? 🎥

Sports betting is complicated and it can be intimidating as a new bettor. We’re here to help.

A parlay is a wager with multiple outcomes — and all must win — and the payout increases with the more outcomes, or legs, you include.  A parlay can essentially serve as a lottery ticket. A 2-leg parlay is fairly basic, but you can also load up with about 10 legs, and the odds can get pretty wild. A standard 3-leg parlay pays 6-to-1 odds but if one of those 3 legs is an underdog on the moneyline, then the payout increases even more. You pick all the legs — and then root them in — and you can imagine the heartache if only 1 loses. Parlays are very popular because bettors dream of turning a little bit of cash into a big payout.

I remember my first bet, too. Now, it’s time to play.

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