Sports Betting 101: What Is A Team Total Bet? 🎥

Sports betting is complicated and it can be intimidating as a new bettor. We’re here to help.

A team total bet is based on how many points a particular team will score. This is preferable when a bettor has a feel for the flow of the game, rather than who will win, such as envisioning a high-scoring performance. This works the same as standard over/under totals, except bettors are betting on only one team’s point total instead of both teams combined. There is a lot of flexibility with these bets, as they could be based on a whole game, a half, or even a quarter. If bettors are betting on the full game, overtime points do count. Most of these bets will have odds set at -110. 

I remember my first bet, too. Now, it’s time to play.

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