Sports Betting 101: What Are Teaser Bets/Alternate Lines? 🎥

Sports betting is complicated and it can be intimidating as a new bettor. We’re here to help.

A teaser is similar to a parlay in that it involves multiple legs that must all win, but the difference is, you get to adjust the line in your favor. A standard football teaser adjusts the line 6 points for each leg. So, you can take a 7.5-point favorite down to -1.5 points, and then pair it with a 2-point underdog and make the line +8. Again, you have multiple legs in a teaser and the payouts increase as you add more legs to the teaser, but all legs must win. Similarly, books offer alternate lines — those are adjusted lines with different payouts. So let’s say the regular point spread is -3.5, and that’s considered a 50/50 likelihood. So the alternate line might be -9.5 and you get +200 odds on that wager.

I remember my first bet, too. Now, it’s time to play.

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