Top Ladder Trainers And Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Wondering what Ladder trainers can improve your fitness and health? Follow these trainers and influencers to get on track to changing your life.

Kenny Santucci (@kennysantucci)

As an overweight high schooler, it seemed unlikely that Kenny Santucci would go on to become a leader in the field of personal fitness. He is a contributor to a plethora of health and wellness magazines such as Men’s Health, as well as a sought after personal trainer. On his site, it notes that Santucci enjoys tailoring his exercises and wellness plans to the average Joe rather than high-level athletes.

Lauren Kanski (@lauren_kanski)

If you like working with kettlebells, then you’ll love working with Lauren Kanski. Kanski loves exploring the science behind working out and she has a B.A. in Integrative Physiology. Her knowledge has been featured in Women’s Health and Oxygen Health. Kanski has experience in both large group and private training, which makes her a versatile Ladder instructor.

Jennifer Jacobs (@jmethod)

Jennifer Jacobs is a personal trainer who is focusing heavily on developing her brand on Ladder. She has a variety of different training programs depending how and what you want to work out. On her website, she lists multiple programs including mobility and core, low intensity cardio, full body circuit, and glutes and arms.

Bobby Maximus (@bobbymaximus)

Bobby Maximus is a former UFC fighter, but if you were to see him or workout with him on Ladder, you may doubt that he is a “former” fighter because of the incredible shape he is in. Even though he is in his early 40s, Maximus looks like he could still step into the Octagon. Bobby has experience running gyms and also provides advice to Men’s Health when he is not working out.

Victor Cruz (@victorcruz)

After ripping it up on the gridiron for the New York Giants and making himself a part of Giants lore with his iconic salsa dance touchdown celebration, Victor Cruz is using his NFL athleticism and dance moves to help get people like us in shape on the Ladder app. One of Cruz’s biggest assets in the NFL was his breakaway speed; now, you can follow him for tips on how to improve your own explosiveness.

Neen Williams (@neenwilliams)

Neen Williams is a skateboarder who was immersed in some of the more unsavory elements of skating culture until a knee injury forced him to get serious about fitness in order to save his career. He is looking to change the perception of fitness in the sport of skateboarding. Williams is a big proponent of being in top physical shape in order to prevent injuries, which are common in the high flying sport of skateboarding.

Sam Tooley (@coach_samtooley)

If you are looking to improve your running times, then Sam Tooley is the perfect Ladder coach for you. A state champion in high school in New Jersey, Tooley is now the head coach at St. Joe’s High School and founder of the AlphaFit Studio. Tooley will help push you to the next level — and personal bests will soon follow.

Reinhard Nel (@reign_train)

Reinhard is a South African who is passionate about Crossfit and now works in the U.S. For those who are Crossfit lovers, Nel will help to improve your lifts and cardio. With a trap bar deadlift personal record of over 700 pounds, Nel is certainly able to practice what he preaches.

Picture Credit: Instagram, Twitter

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