Top Mixologists To Follow On Instagram

Bob Peters (@bob_peters)

Bob Peters is a Charlotte native who made his name as a bartender at The Punch Room at The Ritz Carlton and worked there for many years. In 2015, he was named Global Bartender of the Year for the hotel brand. Peters has since moved on to be the Head Bartender for The Grinning Mule that opened up in 2020.

Matt (@theamateurmixologist)

The United Kingdom-based mixologist started his blog in 2009. Matt won the 2018 Home Bartender of the Year, which judges mixologists all over the world. He also has his own youtube channel sharing his recipes and talks with other mixologists.

Jarret Holborough (@j_thebarman)

Jarret Holborough has won multiple competitions including the 2019 Petrus Cocktail Competition and 2021 Woodford Reserve Manhattan Competition. If you are lucky enough to get an invitation, you can experience his cocktails at the 12 Cocktail Bar above Ponce City Market in Atlanta where he is a bartender.

Charity Johnston (@charitykjohnston)

Charity Johnston is a bartender and mixologist that has made appearances on the popular TV shows “Bar Rescue” and “The F Word” with Gordan Ramsey. Her full time job is the Director of Operations for The Madera group, who owns and operates multiple restaurants. Johnston is also an ambassador for a cocktail brand called DrnxMyth.

Morten Krag (

Morten Krag grew up watching his dad make his own drinks and inspired him to start his own mixology blog. He began making his own vodka shots, but resulted in heavy hangovers. Krag changed his ways and started making his own syrup, infusions and garnishes that made less subtle hangovers. The Denmark bartender aims to inspire people and to not make the same mistake he did.

Matthias Soberon (@servedbysoberon)

A teacher and author by day, a rum aficionado at night. Matthias Soberon started a blog called “Served By Soberon” in February 2017. He is based in Ghent, Belgium and has been a judge for national and international cocktail competitions. The concoctions he shares feature tropical rum drinks among others.

Vivian (@thetipsymuse)

San Francisco-based Vivian works primarily as a freelance journalist and photographer, but started The Tipsy Muse Instagram account in March 2016 to share her concoctions. She can create a drink for any setting and her intricate garnishes always complete the look of a classy drink.

Jay & Leah (@gastronomcocktails)

Jay and Leah first created a restaurant review blog in 2012, but quickly realized that their cocktail recipes were a huge success and started to focus only on that category. The Omaha Nebraska couple are big believers that food and drink feed the soul.

Picture Credit: Google Creative Commons Licenses, Instagram

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