Aaron Rodgers Watch: A Wicked Night In New York

By Emilee White

Ever since Aaron Rodgers officially announced he was moving his talents to the New York Jets, I have moved with him. Call me a bandwagoner all you want; it’s not like I’m done rooting for the Packers. I will always and forever be a cheesehead. But Rodgers is my guy. And my guy went to New York. So I went with him — in spirit — to stay up to date on what he is doing.

Recently, our timelines have been blessed with photos, updates, and news reports of all the touristy stuff he’s been doing in New York City. In the beginning, Rodgers was seen out and about touring his new home, but now he’s moved on to Broadway — Rodgers posted on Instagram a few days ago he went to see Wicked.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s a 20-year long-running, award-winning Broadway musical about the Wicked Witch of the West from Oz, before and after Dorothy and her dog landed in Kansas. I myself have not seen the musical, but I danced for 12 years growing up and the number of times I heard that soundtrack played at competitions has painted a clear enough picture. 

Anyways, it looked like Rodgers had a great night with his friends. Does he seem like the ex that’s still upset about the breakup so he’s posting every fun thing he’s doing to show he’s moved on when he clearly hasn’t? Yes. But can you blame him? The guy has been living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, just a few miles down the road from Lambeau Field. It’s typical “country girl moves to the big city” behavior. But that’s okay because he’s just living his life, musicals and T-Swiftie concerts alike.

I’m here for it and now so are you.

Photo credit: Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram

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