Callie Bundy On Movement And Exercise

Our founder, Paul Bremer has a chance to sit down with fitness model Callie Bundy about the importance of movement. When asked, Callie said that movement in general is important, even if you don’t have a specific plan. Activities like walking your dog could be beneficial. It’s not all about going to the gym and doing an intensive workout. With a large amount of people living a sedentary lifestyle, Callie’s advice is likely useful for you or someone you know.

Many people create New Year’s resolutions, and some of the most unrealistic goals often have to do with fitness and health. The reason people often fail in reaching their goals, is because they are too ambitious from the get-go. You don’t want to be going from zero to 100 when it comes to fitness. You will likely burn out quickly and drop the activity altogether.

Scheduling a regular time for something like walking your dog or going for a hike, as Callie said, could be greatly beneficial. Then when you are used to that, you can add more activities on top of it.

There are tons of good beginner’s workout routines that can be found online. It is good to keep in mind that you will want to be balanced. Having activities that strengthen different areas is a good way to go. Too many people focus on just cardio or just strengthening one area of their body. As you build up your routine, make sure you have a good balance.

As Callie mentioned, just get yourself moving when you start. There are so many activities out there, you are bound to find one you like.

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