COVID Hobbies You Can Still Pick Up

By Ryan Bologna

While nearly everyone is back to living their normal lives from before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are looking to pick up a new hobby. There are some activities that emerged during the shutdown that are still useful today. Whether it is getting into better shape or just learning something new, all of these activities can have a positive impact on your mental health.


It should be no surprise that this is the first on the list. Almost everyone would want to get in better shape, and there are many ways to go about it. The Peloton bike was one of the most popular activities that emerged during the lockdown. It allowed people to feel a connection without leaving their homes. If that isn’t your preference, there are surely many places outside where you can get a good workout in. Going on a walk or run is very popular, and it was easy to stay distanced. Getting outside and seeing some nice scenery could be a nice way to relax. These activities help you better your mental and physical health.

Dough Making

While it takes a lot of trial and error, making your own dough is arguably the best way to enhance your cooking. A lot of people found that out when they had more time on their hands during shutdowns. Whether you’re just making bread or you want to make the best pizza you have ever made, it is well worth the time. Not only does it taste so much better than store-bought items, but it is likely more healthy as well. Look up techniques and watch YouTube videos to find the recipe that works best for you.


It seems like everyone had a podcast nowadays. You shouldn’t do a podcast with the goal of building a huge audience. It takes a ton of time and a lot of luck to do that. However, choosing a topic you like and recording a regular podcast is a good way to find something to look forward to each week. Whether you are recording on your own or with a good friend, the activity can be therapeutic. Most phones have the ability to record decent enough audio, and there are free editing software available online. Starting a podcast is easy and can be satisfying for many.

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a sport that grew a ton during the pandemic. Like walking or running, it was a good way to get outside while still remaining distanced from everyone. Discs are cheap, and there are free-to-play courses all around the country. While it is a harder activity than it seems, you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it. If you enjoy the outdoors, this might be an activity for you. It’s a cheap and easy way to have fun, whether you are alone or with a group of friends.

Learning Instrument

There are a lot of people who have always wanted to learn how to play a specific instrument but never had the time. Many took advantage of this during lockdowns. That doesn’t mean it is too late for you. As with anything, you can find virtual lessons on the internet. However, there is no substitute for an in-person lesson. With music shops open again, it is arguably better to start learning now than it was during the peak of the pandemic. Whether you are teaching yourself or want lessons, learning an instrument is worth the time.

Photo Credit: Daniel Foster

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