Only Players Outsider Tour: New York City

On our latest trip for the Only Players Outsider Tour, we went to New York City. We didn’t go to any broadway shows or special events. We walked around near Times Square and other populated areas to talk to people about anything ranging from sports and betting to weed, crypto and Elon Musk.

As you may know, there are some characters in New York City, especially around Times Square. Some of them did not have extensive knowledge of sports at all, while others were just as afraid of getting addicted to sports betting as they were of getting addicted to drugs. We met the famous Naked Cowboy and asked about his weed usage, which he was hesitant to admit at first. We also got some advice about whether buying crypto is worth it or not. Best of all, we learned about why people confuse us with another website when they hear our name.

These people certainly had personalities, to say the least. You can use many words to describe the people in New York City, but the most fitting is unique.

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