The Battle of Pro Golf Leagues

By Chris Havlicek

I know it’s March Madness, but I need to talk about golf for a little bit and, more specifically, ask a question. Why is the PGA so boring right now?

It’s unbelievably boring. The PGA just played TPC Sawgrass up in Jacksonville, and I want to address a couple of things. Number one, who is on the leaderboard? I mean, I barely recognize names and I am a golf fan, a casual golf fan. I’m not a hardcore guy, betting every weekend on golf, but all the names that I see are either really new or kind of uninteresting. Scotty Scheffler; I’ve heard of him. Colin Moura Kawa; I’ve heard of him. The rest of the guys that were on the leaderboard yesterday, who are you?

Yes, you could argue that parody is great. You could argue that new and emerging superstars are coming. I don’t see it. I see a bunch of undiverse, five feet 10-inch-tall white guys, playing very safe, very conservative golf. That’s not moving the needle. On the other hand, I look at LIV, I hear music, and I hear musical acts. I hear team format, and I recognize names like Phil Nicholson, Bryson Shambo, Brooks, Keka, and Bubba Watson.

PGA, do a better job of marketing your superstars. I don’t know if you have one right now — Rory, play better. Tiger, I know we all love you — you’re one of the all-time greats, but you’re part-time, not really a PGA player right now. Jordan, where are you? Jordan Spieth? Let’s get a little more excitement. PGA, I know you’ve changed your format and you’ve basically copied everything LIV has done so let’s build your superstars.

Golf is going to be exciting, I can feel it. The LIV Tour versus the PGA, it’s the bloods and the crips. It’s the Hatfield and McCoys. Let’s build on that. Let’s make something interesting.

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