What Scoring System Should You Use For Fantasy Basketball?

By Ryan Bologna Contributor

Updated 10/14/22 5:12pm ET

The right scoring system depends on what type of basketball fan you are. Are you in a league for the first time, or are you a basketball junkie who knows how to identify the specific strengths of a player? That should be the biggest part of your decision. Let’s take a look at the different types of scoring systems so you can make the best choice for your league.


This is the most popular way to play fantasy basketball. The scoring system is based on a variety of statistical categories. Throughout the season, teams are ranked based on how they perform in each category. At the end of the season, points are totaled up based on how teams rank in each category to determine a winner.

This scoring system is better for diehards who know the game well. Managers need to identify specific strengths for players to make the most well-rounded team. The new basketball fan might not find this appealing because it is tough to figure out how to build a roster that is good for this type of scoring and there are no head-to-head matchups to look forward to.

Season Points

This is very similar to rotisseries, except statistical categories are given point values. The goal is to accumulate as many points from each category as possible. At the end of the season, points are totaled and the team with the most wins.

Like with rotisserie, this is geared toward the diehard fan who knows a lot about players around the league. If you are a newer basketball fan, you might want to stay away from this type of scoring. Diehards will likely choose one of these first two scoring methods.

Head-to-Head: Points

This is similar to how fantasy football is played. Certain statistics are given a specific point value, and teams will square off throughout the season. The team to accumulate the most points in a given week’s matchup is the winner. These types of leagues have playoff brackets.

Head-to-head points leagues are good for the newer fans who don’t know the specific strengths of players around the NBA. The goal is simply to collect the best players and accumulate the most points. This is arguably the best scoring system for a first-time player.

Head-to-Head: Each Category

This is the most common head-to-head scoring system for fantasy basketball. There are matchups each week, and players are given wins, losses and ties based on each statistical category. So if your team has the edge in seven out of 10 categories, you will end up with a 7-3 record for that given matchup.

This scoring system could work for both the diehard and newer fan. The diehard still has the goal of creating a well-rounded roster with strengths in a variety of categories, while the newer fan has weekly matchups to get excited for. This could be a good way to prepare yourself to participate in a rotisserie league in the future.

Head-to-Head: Most Categories

This is very similar to head-to-head: each category, except there is only one result at the end of a given matchup. If there are eight categories and you have the advantage in five of them, instead of having a 5-3 record you will be 1-0.

When it comes to this or the head-to-head: each category scoring system, it is a personal preference. This type of league could appeal to both the diehard and newer fan in the same ways that each category league does.

Fantasy basketball can be intimidating at the start. Hopefully, we have helped find out what scoring system would be the most enjoyable for you.

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